The Annual Liberty Christmas Elves Program

Each year, Liberty gathers nearly 200 names of elderly neighbors from local assistance agencies. As Christmas Elves, our customers and employees choose a special person from this list who could use a little joy through gifts during the holiday season. Recipients usually range from 65-85 years of age and have no family or close friends nearby during the holidays.

Universal Gift Card Drive: Focusing on Health and Safety

This year's program looks a little different. Instead of visiting our lobby, those who wish to participate in this year's Christmas Elves Program can select a recipient right here, on our website. Instead of gifts, we will accept prepaid, universal gift cards this year. Our wonderful agency partners have agreed to use these prepaid gift cards to shop for the recipients before Christmas. This will help us protect the health and safety of you, our employees, and the program recipients. 

How to Participate in 2021

After selecting a name from the list, we ask that you purchase a universal, prepaid gift card and put it in an envelope marked with your recipient’s name and “Christmas Elves Program.” Please drop the envelope off at the drop box or drive-thru located at our main office at 602 S. Joplin Ave., Joplin, Missouri. You may also mail the envelope to PO Box 127, Joplin, Missouri, 64802. We ask that envelopes be delivered no later than Wednesday, December 15. This will give the agencies time to shop for gifts before the holidays.

1)  Choose a name from the list.

2)  Complete the online Participation Form below.

2)  Purchase a universal, prepaid gift card and put it in an envelope marked clearly with the name of the person you chose and "Christmas Elves Program."

3)  Mail or drop-off the envelope at the addresses listed above before Wednesday, December 15.

4)  Liberty's Christmas Elves will make sure that the recipient receives their gift before Christmas.

Christmas Elves Participation Form

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Choose A Name

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