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Residential Smart Charge Program

To enroll in the Residential Smart Charge Pilot Program, applications must provide the following with application.

NOTE: Should the vehicle, property, or Liberty account holder names be different across the documents, applicants must provide proof of residency and sharing of living premises by the individuals whose names appear on these documents.

    • Documentation of legal possession of an EV via ownership, lease, or other suitable arrangement (as determined by Company)
    • Documentation that you own or lease the residence where the EV charger will be installed and, if leasing, have the property owner’s written consent for the scope and nature of the modifications to the premise
    • Confirmation that the scope and nature of modifications to the occupied premises typically required for the operation of a Company-Approved Charging Device have been communicated and consented to by the property’s mortgage holding institution(s) and all insurance provider(s)
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Liberty Residential Smart Charge Program Enrollment Application
Location where charging equipment is to be installed:


Demographic Information (providing this information is voluntary and not required to approve the application)


 Applicant acknowledges that their participation in the program is contingent upon the execution of the Participation Agreement and payment due upon execution and meeting program requirements to Liberty’s satisfaction.

 Applicant will permit Liberty representatives to inspect their premises to review installation requirements on a mutually satisfactory date and time.

 Applicant understands that by participating in the program, their consumption will be billed under a new tariff rate schedule that will, among other things, establish separate rates and charges for the electricity consumed through the Liberty-Approved Charging Device, the cost of the charger itself, and for general household consumption.

 Applicant acknowledges that they will need to permanently transfer to an electronic billing arrangement for their household as a condition of participating in the program.

Residential Smart Charge Program