Liberty recently acquired two compressed natural gas (CNG) trailers which can be used to assist when gas outages occur. The trailers are stationed in Hannibal and Jackson, Missouri. 

“The trailers contain several tanks that can be filled with natural gas and compressed to high pressures,” says Jeff McChristian, Liberty Director of Gas Operations.   

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the process of converting natural gas to CNG is done by compressing it to less than 1 percent of its volume. It is a relatively easy process and leaves a greener footprint. There is a growing infrastructure for CNG vehicles, which produce 20-30 percent less greenhouse gas emissions.  

In the event of short-term outages, the trailers can be deployed to ensure continued service to customers.  

“We’re looking at all the possibilities,” he says. “The trailers can be used to help with small outages and improving system pressures.” 

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