Transmission Upgrades

Improving Reliability for Customers


In 2020, the Liberty Electric Operations team rebuilt an aging transmission line stretching for 42-miles from Noesho, Missouri to Flint Creek Arkansas. 

Aged, wooden structures were replaced with new and improved steel structures and fiber was added to the line in order to provide real-time information to Liberty crews. The replacement of aging poles will help the transmission line better withstand storms and the addition of fiber will help Liberty crews locate potential faults more qucikly during an outage. 


Project Goals:

  • Reduce number of outages
  • Reduce outage duration
  • Improve overall service reliability for electric customers


161 kV Project Facts:

  • Replaced 280 wood structures with new, steel structures
  • New fiber OPGW was installed to help speed the outage restoration process
  • This transmission line feeds the southern part of Liberty's electric system
  • Began in summer 2020 and completed in winter 2021


Check out the video:



Aged poles after removal

Aged poles after removal

New steel structures

New poles are set by old poles before the old poles are removed