Call Before You Dig

Planting a tree? Installing a fence? Planning a home improvement? Call 811.

Did you know it’s the law to make this call? Electric power lines, natural gas pipelines, water pipes, communications lines, and other utility services can be within a few feet of the ground ’s surface. Not knowing where they are can result in personal injury, property damage, and neighborhood service interruptions. Even a small dent or a scrape can cause damage, resulting in a leak or service-wide disruptions.

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Water Safety Tips

Water is one of the most important resources, but it can also be dangerous when treated without respect. Natural and man-made hazards are a part of life, which Liberty strives to mitigate.

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Boil Advisories

Occasionally, we issue boil advisories to ensure the safety and health of our water customers. Learn more about boil advisories and what you should do if one has been issued for your community. 

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Water Quality

At Liberty, we ensure our water quality by treating and testing it daily to guarantee all state and federal standards are met or exceeded for our customers.

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Preventing Leaks and Frozen Water Pipes

Water expands as it freezes, which can put pressure on metal or plastic pipes and can cause them to break. Learn how to weatherize your pipes and how to prevent them from breaking if they do freeze. 

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Keep the Sewers Clean and Safe

Fats, oils, greases, and chemicals all affect the health and longevity of wastewater systems. Take a moment to think about what you put down the drain.

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Backflow Prevention

Backflow, or the reverse flow of contaminated water into a potable water distribution system, is caused by backsiphonage or backpressure. Backflow prevention protects public water systems from contamination or damage through cross-connections located in customer homes or businesses. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources requires us to record a yearly certified test on all cross-connection devices. A complete list of the approved backflow device testers in the state of Missouri may be obtained by contacting the Missouri Department of Natural Resources or by visiting their website below.

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For Emergency Responders

Fire fighters or police officers are often the first to arrive at a public safety emergency. These first responders are most likely to encounter the potential hazards of isolated flood hazards, road collapse or sewage spills. In an effort to help prepare first responders for situations they may encounter, Liberty Utilities meets and provides local responders with valuable information annually.