Liberty Utilities has an extensive vegetation management program designed to keep our system safely and reliably delivering electricity to our customers. The Vegetation Management Department is assigned with the task of managing the vegetation on nearly 7,000 miles of lines.

Why Vegetation Management is Necessary

The damage caused by fallen branches and trees can result in outages to numerous customers. Liberty’s vegetation management program addresses trees and brush encroaching on the utility right of way.

Liberty serves customers in four states; Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. Each state has a service commission mandating the minimum requirements that Liberty’s vegetation program must achieve.

Vegetation Management’s mission is to maintain a high level of service reliability by limiting outages caused by vegetation.

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Additional Services and Information

Transmission right of ways (TOW)
To control vegetation growth underneath and on both sides of a transmission structure, Liberty utilizes a zoned approach. The zone directly underneath and 20 feet beyond the wires is called the wire zone. Liberty encourages growth of grasses and other low-lying plant species.
The zones on either side of the transmission structure are called the border zones, where scattered shrubs and dwarf trees are allowed.
Beyond the border zone, plants of any height are managed by the hazards they may present to the lines.

Wires over Wildlife (WOW)
Liberty has also implemented an educational program, Wires over Wildlife, to educate ROW landowners about beneficial plants that perform well in the wire zone and near transmission ROW. This program allows landowners to learn about planting options for ROW, ways to help Liberty prevent outages near the ROW, and how to promote wildlife such as deer, pollinators, native birds, and many other native species by using native plants.

It is our desire at Liberty Utilities to inform and discuss our vegetation management practices with property owners. If you have questions about our Vegetation Management Program, you may call our Contact Center at 1-800-206-2300 (Electric & Water) 1-800-424-0427 (Gas) . All vegetation customer inquiries and responses are logged and we strive to return all customer calls within five days.