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  • Enjoy the benefits of clean, solar energy without the hassle of installing and maintaining roof-top solar panels.

  • Lock in your solar energy rate and secure renewable, affordable energy for your home or business, but act fast! Subscriptions are limited.

  • Make a difference and contribute to a cleaner environment while helping grow solar energy in Southwest Missouri. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The initial subscription price for one block is $5.36 per month. Blocks are leased in 500 watt increments and will each produce approximately 1,100 kWh per year. Subscribers must also pay a monthly distribution charge, which will help cover the costs for delivery of the solar energy using existing Liberty facilities.

  • That depends on a variety of factors including your monthly electricity usage and the number of solar blocks purchased. Our Solar Specialists can provide you with a free consultation. 

  • Yes. Customers may only subscribe to an amount of blocks generating equal to or less than 50% of their average annual usage in the past 24 months. For example, if John’s average monthly energy usage over the last 24 months is 1,000 kWh, he is not eligible to purchase blocks that will generate more than 500 kWh of energy per month. If a customer has been with Liberty less than 24-months, Liberty will create an estimated average based on the usage data they have on file for the customer.

  • Residential and business customers may subscribe to a three-year or ten-year plan, depending on the total number of blocks in their subscription.

    • Three years for less than 1,000 blocks
    • Ten years for 1,000 or more blocks
  • You will see the program reflected on your monthly Liberty electric bill. The customer’s solar energy production from their purchased solar blocks will be subtracted from the metered usage amount prior to billing. The remaining energy will be billed at our standard rate.   

  • Our solar experts are available to help you select the right amount of blocks to fit your energy needs. If your blocks were to generate more than your monthly energy usage, then you would receive a credit for the value of the energy based on Liberty's net metering rate.

  • If you plan to move to a new home within Liberty's electric service territory, you can take your subscription with you. If you move outside of the Liberty Missouri service territory, you will no longer qualify to be a subscriber. If this does happen, you can transfer your subscription or Liberty can find a subscriber who wishes to take your place.

  • We require our subscribers to sign a three-year to ten-year agreement depending on the total number of blocks in their subscription. After your agreement period is up, you can choose to cancel your subscription if you wish.

    • Three years for less than 1,000 blocks
    • Ten years for 1,000 or more blocks
  • Our Solar Subscription Program cannot be combined with an existing Liberty Solar Rebate or Liberty Net Metering. Our Solar Experts can access your account and help you determine how many blocks would be the right fit for you and your energy needs.

  • Our Solar Specialists can answer your questions about the program and make recommendations based on your average electric usage. Complete the Community Solar Interest form and our Solar Specialists will contact you. You can also reach us by dialing our Customer Service line at 1-800-206-2300. If you wish to speak to a Solar Expert, a Customer Service Representative can transfer you. Liberty Solar Specialists are available Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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  • Liberty's solar facility, named the Prosperity Solar Facility, is located on 60 acres of leased land in Joplin, Missouri near Highway 249. This location is an EPA "Superfund" site previously used for mine waste deposits. This means that the ground is not suitable for most agriculture or commercial uses. This makes it the perfect location to be used to generate solar energy. To learn more about the Superfund site, click below. 

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