Liberty’s Clean Energy Transition

Liberty’s transition to clean, renewable energy protects our environment through lower carbon emissions and saves customers money over the long term compared to other energy generation. This includes Liberty’s recently completed 600-megawatt wind energy project consisting of three wind farms. North Fork Ridge, located in Barton County, Missouri near Mindenmines, began serving energy to the Southwest Power Pool in September 2020 and declared full commercial operation December 31, 2020. Kings Point, located in Dade, Jasper, and Lawrence Counties near Lockwood, Missouri, began commercial operation April 21, 2021. And Neosho Ridge Wind in Neosho County, Kansas near Galesburg, began commercial operation on May 1, 2021. This wind project is expected to generate savings for customers of approximately $169 million over a 20-year period and approximately $300 million over a 30-year period.

The Time Is Right For Wind

Wind energy is an abundant, natural resource that is not dependent on imported fuel. Changes in cost, innovation, and technology have made generating wind energy in our region a cost-effective and reliable way to help produce the power we need and to control our energy future.

    • Lower wind production costs
    • Technology advancements
    • Mature integrated marketplace
    • Tax credits begin to expire EOY 2020
    • Continual tightening of environmental regulations on existing thermal units
    • High costs to operate aging generation fleet
    • Customer demands for renewable energy
    • Innovation, technology and changing markets
    • Opportunities to create value
    • Renewable generation is both clean and cost effective

Wind Makes Our Community Stronger

The wind farms will bring jobs, tax revenue, and additional economic benefits to the communities and states where they are located.

Innovation At Home
Innovation At Home

Bringing innovation and latest technology to our area keeps costs competitive and lets us control our own energy future.


Economic Development
Economic Development

Keeping energy costs competitive helps our communities retain jobs and attract development.



Local Investment and Income
Local Investment and Income

Generating up to 600 MW in our region means more than $1 billion in investment, plus landowners get a new source of steady income and tax revenue is created for local communities.

Healthier Community
Healthier Community

Cleaner energy makes our community healthier, and more sustainable.





Local Development - An Introduction to our Sites

Neosho Ridge Wind Farm

Location: Neosho County, Kansas

Design: 139 turbines across the wind farm generating approximately 300 megawatts of wind energy

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North Fork Ridge and Kings Point Wind Farms

Location: Barton, Dade, Jasper, and Lawrence Counties, Missouri

Design: 138 turbines across the two wind farms generating approximately 300 megawatts of wind energy

View Map