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Solar for Home and Business - Residential - Central - Liberty

Are you considering installing solar panels at your home or business?

Liberty customers may install solar at their home or business to offset the amount of electricity they purchase from Liberty with net metering. When net-metered customers use less electricity than their system, they may receive credit for solar electricity produced at their home or business.

Customer must have a completed and approved Net Metering Application and Agreement on file with the company. The application is included in the Net Metering Rider, which can be found on our Missouri Electric Rate page.

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  • As of Aug. 6, 2023, Liberty no longer offers solar rebates. For applications received and completed prior to that date, the Customer-Generator System must be operational before Dec. 31, 2023. Visit our Missouri Electric Rate page for more information.

  • 1. Your PV system is subject to the Commission’s current rates, rules, and regulations. The Commission may alter its rules and regulations and/or change rates in the future. If this occurs, your PV system is subject to those changes, and you will be responsible for paying any future increases to electricity rates, charges, or service fees from the Company.

    2. The Company’s electricity rates, charges, and service fees are determined by the Commission and are subject to change based upon the decisions of the Commission. These future adjustments may positively or negatively impact any potential savings or the value of your PV system.

    3. Any future electricity rate projections which may be presented to you are not produced, analyzed, or approved by the Company or the Commission. They are based on projections formulated by external third parties not affiliated with the Company or the Commission.

Solar for Home and Business