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Energy Usage Overview - Residential - Central - Liberty

Use Liberty's My Account tool to find your energy and water usage 

Understanding your energy and water use is an important step toward saving energy, conserving water, and working to lower your monthly Liberty bill. Liberty's My Account tool shows Liberty customers a breakdown of their energy and water use history. Better understanding your usage patterns can help you find ways to reduce usage and save.   

My Account features

For electric customers with smart meters, Liberty's My Account Usage tool shows an hourly, monthly, or seasonal breakdown of energy use. Please note that hourly usage information is typically available for the previous day and before.  

In addition to electric usage, the Liberty My Account platform includes data from private solar systems for net metering customers! View daily and hourly solar generation and monitor your personal usage. *Net metering data history begins at 5/23/2022

For water and natural gas customers, view monthly and seasonal usage. 

With My Account, you can also view and compare your usage across a 13-month period. View a monthly average, your highest monthly or seasonal usage, and export your usage data to a spreadsheet for better record keeping.   


Finding your energy and water usage

To find your usage history, you will need to log in to My Account. If you are not a current My Account user, you will first need to enroll in My Account. You will then be able to find your energy and water usage history under the "Usage" tab. 

To log in or enroll in My Account, please click the link below. You can also access your usage information by downloading the Liberty My Account app. 


My Account Login / Registration Links

My Account Energy Tracking