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MO - Water Rates - Residential - Central - Liberty

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Missouri Water Rates

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Valley Woods Subdivision 

P.S.C. MO No. 13 - Christian County Sewer Rates 

Bolivar, Noel, Cedar Hills Estates, Crestview Acres, High Ridge Manor, Hillshine Community, Lakewood Hills, Town of Scotsdale, Warren Woods Subdivision, Timber Creek, Holiday Hills, Lake St. Clair

P.S.C. MO No. 14 - Water Rates 

Bolivar, Timber Creek, Ozark Mountain, Cape Rock Village, Savers Farm 

P.S.C. MO No. 15 - Sewer Rates 


Aurora, Marionville, Verona Rates

P.S.C. MO No. 16 - Water Rates  


OakBrier Estates, Wayne County

P.S.C. MO No. 17 - OakBrier Water Rates 


Lakeland Heights, Wayne and Butler Counties

P.S.C. MO No. 18 - Lakeland Heights Water Rates 


Western Heights Subdivision, Ecology Acres Subdivision, and Unincorporated area of Stoddard County

P.S.C. MO No. 19 - R.D. Sewer Rates 


Whispering Hills, Wayne County 

P.S.C. MO No. 20 - Whispering Hill Water Rates 


Bilyeu Ridge Subdivision, Hidden Meadows Subdivision, Moore Bend Subdivision, Riverfork Ranch Subdivision, Lakeway Village, Venice on the Lake, and Valley Woods Subdivision 

P.S.C. MO No. 21 - Water Rates 

Water Rates - Missouri