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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions - Residential - Central - Liberty

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  • Our offices are open 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Monday through Friday (Branson office closed 12:30-1:30 for lunch).
    The Contact Center is available for routine service requests and inquiries from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    Monday through Friday, by calling 1-800-206-2300 (Electric & Water) 1-800-424-0427 (Gas).
    To report a gas leak, call 1-800-406-9220 (Gas).
    Contact Center representatives are always here to handle emergencies and outages.

  • It is very unlikely. Before a meter is installed, it must meet strict performance, reliability and accuracy standards, and while in use, meters are periodically checked by Liberty Utilities. If your meter is faulty, it's more likely that it is running slow rather than fast. Because meters are mechanical, as they age, they tend to run slower due to build-up on the operating parts.

  • For our electric customers, our service personnel will connect your service at your electric meter, which is located on the outside of your home. You do not have to be present. For natural gas customers, you will need to be present to meet an Liberty Utilties technician when turning on service.

  • During the weekends, we do not do routine service work.

  • We sell 400 amp and larger meter bases for residential usage. We also sell a meter base, loop and pole setup for mobile homes and other specialty usages.

  • The largest variation in your bill is due to the seasonal temperature changes, and as a result, your usage. Some of our customers use more elctricity in the summer months when they utilize their air conditioners. Our total electric customers may use more in the winter when they run their electric heat. Other things that may cause fluctuations, include vacations, visitors, new babies, new appliances, the list is endless.

    Other things that may cause fluctuations include vacations, visitors, new babies, new appliances, and more. 

  • A utility right-of-way is a portion of your land that may be used by utilities. The right-of-way may contain underground power lines, transformers, poles, and/or overhead lines. No obstructions are permitted within a right-of-way so utilities are able to repair equipment when necessary.

  • A kilowatt hour (KWH) is the measurement of electrical power used over a period of time. A 100-watt light bulb burning for ten hours uses one KWH of electricity.

  • Transferring service requires no fee. You can request your service to be transferred by filling out an outline transfer request or calling our Contact Center at:  1-800-206-2300 (Electric & Water) 1-800-424-0427 (Gas). 

  • We trim tree limbs that are in the distribution and transmission lines. We do not trim tree limbs that are in individual service lines; however, if you need to trim trees around your service, we will disconnect your service while you trim and reconnect it when you are finished. Call our office a few days ahead to schedule this service.
    You may call our office 1-800-206-2300 a few days ahead to schedule this service.

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  • Like any business, our volume of business varies, but usually we can complete these services within two days.

  • Current rates, including sample residential bills, are available on our Electric Rates page (select by state).

  • Our equipment ends at the weather-head. If you have a problem beyond that, we recommend you contact a licensed electrician.

  • Nationwide you can call 811. Otherwise, you can call each states service:
    Missouri 800-DIG-RITE (344-7483)
    Arkansas 800-482-8998
    Kansas 800-DIG-SAFE (344-7233)
    Oklahoma 800-522-OKIE (6543).

Frequently Asked Questions