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Liberty has finished constructing a local solar facility that will generate approximately 2 megawatts of electricity for subscribers. Called Community Solar, this investment will allow all Liberty Missouri electric customers the opportunity to subscribe to the clean, renewable energy generated from this solar facility.

Customers can subscribe to solar blocks and lock in an affordable rate for the energy produced by the solar facility without the maintenance of a private rooftop solar system. Each month on their Liberty electric bill, customers will receive a charge for their solar block subscription and a credit for the energy produced by the blocks. Subscriptions are limited so act fast!


Curious if the Solar Subscription Program is right for you?

Check out the chart below for estimates based on the monthly usage of 500 - 2,500 kWh. 

  • Please Note: Cost estimates below are based on usage only and do not include taxes, the solar distribution charge, and other bill riders that may impact your monthly bill.

  • Please contact a Liberty Solar Expert for information specific to your usage. 

  • Monthly Energy Use (kwh)

    Annual Usage Cost Without Solar Subscription

    Annual Usage Cost With Solar Subscription

    Usage Cost Difference

    How Many Blocks You Can Subscribe To

    500                                     $900                                    $872                             $(28)                                       2                         

    1,000                                 $1,565                                $1,553                          $(12)                                       6                       

    1,500                                 $2,211                                $2,208                          $(3)                                          8                          

    2,000                                 $2,857                                $2,208                          $(5)                                         12                         


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How it Works


1) Liberty's solar facility generates clean, solar energy.

2) Liberty Missouri electric customers can subscribe to "blocks" of energy generated from the solar facility. The subscription amount will be added to their monthly bill. 

3) Liberty customers use energy at home while their solar blocks generate energy. 

4) Liberty solar subscribers will recieve a credit on their monthly energy bill equal to the amount of electricity generated from their blocks. 


Contact a Solar Expert
Contact a Solar Expert

Interested in subscribing? Contact one of our Solar Experts for information and assistance. 

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