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Delivering value & reliability

Our teams work around the clock to maintain and improve the infrastructure serving you. These investments help to ensure safe and reliable service and strengthen and secure our system against severe weather and threats. We also plan for the future to keep energy and water service cost-effective and sustainable.

Service investments

  • Improved My Account - Our improved My Account online platform gives our customers access to near real-time energy usage information, billing and outage email and text alerts, and the ability to pay their bill from the device of their choice, including a mobile app. Work to expand this service to all Liberty customers is underway.

  • Smart meters - Smart meters are digital meters that allow for secure and automatic two-way communication. The new and improved technology has enabled our customers to access near real-time information about their energy usage, giving them more control and the opportunity to take action more quickly to manage costs. 

  • Energy efficiency programs - Liberty has expanded energy efficiency programs to help customers reduce their energy usage and help manage their monthly energy costs. Additionally, Liberty has launched an Energy Efficiency Store for Missouri residential electric customers to purchase discounted energy efficient products for their homes. 

  • Electric vehicle programs - Liberty has received approval to expand electric vehicle (EV) programs in their Missouri electric service territory to make it easier for their customers and community members to make to switch to EV. Those programs are set to launch later in 2022.

  • Community investments - Liberty makes regular donations and investments within the communities we serve to support charitable and civic organizations and economic development.  Liberty encourages volunteerism through its Liberty Days program which provides flexibility for employees to donate time at volunteer events.

Electric investments

  • Wind farms - Liberty owns and operates 600 megawatts of wind energy in Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas. Wind energy is a clean, cost-effective, and sustainable generation option that helps customers save money over the long term and helps us better meet their evolving energy needs.

  • Community solar - Liberty owns and operates a community solar facility in Joplin, Missouri. This local solar facility generates clean, renewable solar energy for customers who wish to participate in our Solar Subscription Program. 

  • Transmission and distribution upgrades - Our systems must be strong and resilient to withstand storms, wildlife, and other forces. We make regular investments and improvements to our systems in order to keep service safe and reliable for our customers. 

  • Substation upgrades - To help ensure reliable energy for our customers, we have recently upgraded and constructed multiple substations that feature modern technology. This substation technology helps reduce the number and duration of outages our customers may experience due to storms and other factors.

  • Wildlife covers - Wildlife cover installations help reduce the number of outages caused by wildlife and help us prevent harm to wildlife caused by contact with our electrical equipment. 

  • Upgraded service centers - In order to better serve our communities and help our employees work safely and efficiently, we have recently upgraded multiple service locations in our electric service territory. 

Water investments

  • Water main replacements - Water main replacement projects help Liberty improve water pressure, water quality, and service reliability for our customers and will also allow for the installation of new fire hydrants to serve our communities. 

  • System flushing - Liberty’s annual Arkansas water system flushing helps ensure fire hydrants are working properly and improves the quality and reliability of our system. 

  • Routine water quality testing - Liberty routinely samples and analyzes water quality from the source, through the treatment process, and throughout the distribution system to help ensure the water meets or exceeds all drinking water standards established by state and federal regulations.

  • SCADA and monitoring system installation - Liberty has installed Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) or water monitoring systems to portions of our water service territories in order to monitor water safety, quality, and reliability. A monitoring or SCADA system allows real-time access to our system performance and increases the system’s integrity by giving us the ability to remotely monitor water pressure and flow, chlorine residuals, and current storage in case of emergencies.

  • Pine Bluff Streetscape - Liberty recently completed the Pine Bluff Streetscape project which helped improve water quality, flow, and pressure for the downtown Pine Bluff area and thousands of Pine Bluff residents served by these water lines.  This project also gives Liberty the ability to serve a growing downtown business district now and in the future.

Gas investments

  • Gas main upgrades and extensions - Natural gas main upgrades and extension projects help Liberty ensure the safety and reliability of natural gas to our customers throughout our gas systems. Liberty has recently replaced copper service lines with polyethylene and made main extensions throughout the Liberty Missouri natural gas service area.

  • SCADA installation - Liberty has recently installed Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to portions of our gas service territories. A SCADA system allows real-time access to our system performance and increases the system’s integrity by giving us the ability to remotely monitor gas pressure and flow in case of emergencies.

  • Natural gas regulator station upgrades - Liberty has recently upgraded gas regulator stations in portions of our natural gas service territory. A natural gas regulator station is designed to take high natural gas pressure and reduce it to an operating pressure designed for our distribution systems. A regulator station also helps us to safely monitor and control the pressure of our gas systems. 


















Value & Reliability