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Liberty EV Incentives and Programs - Currently Awaiting Approval from the Missouri Public Service Commission

In 2020, Liberty filed for approval with the Missouri Public Service Commission to pilot the following EV Programs. By launching these programs, Liberty hopes to make it easier for their customers to drive electric.

Please note: These programs are currently being reviewed by the MPSC and are not yet available. 

  • If approved, will support the deployment of public EV charging stations.

  • If approved, will support the deployment EV charging stations for fleets and workplaces.

  • If approved, will seek to improve the economics of commercial EV chargers by lowering demand charges by 75% over 5 years with potential to modify over time.

  • If approved, will provide technical assistance for commercial customers seeking to transition their fleets to EVs.

  • If approved, will allow installation of residential smart home level 2 chargers that encourage Time of Use EV charging.

  • If approved, will support the deployment of utility owned smart chargers for school buses.

  • If approved, will provide incentives to encourage the adoption of non-road electric transportation equipment.

The Liberty EV Initiative

Effective March 16, 2021, Liberty has announced their participation in a Memorandum of Cooperation that will help provide Midwesterners more opportunity to make the switch to EV.

In addition to the Memorandum of Cooperation, Liberty has plans to implement additional electric vehicle programs. These programs are subject to approval by state public service commissions. 


Memorandum of Cooperation: What is it and what does it mean for the future of EV?

The Memorandum of Cooperation is a partnership between Liberty, Ameren Illionis, Ameren Missouri, Consumers Energy, DTE Energy, Duke-Indiana, Evergy, MidAmerican, and Oklahoma Gas and Energy. This partnership seeks to build a network of of Midwest electric vehicle charging stations by the end of 2022. 


View the full media release here:

Media Release


The following map illustrates the EV traveling coverage that the Memorandum of Cooperation can provide for Midwest EV owners.