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Oklahoma Electric Rate Update - Residential - Central - Liberty

Oklahoma Electric Rate Request Information


The Oklahoma Public Service Commission has approved interim rates in Oklahoma for Liberty electric customers. The interim rates were effective beginning September 12. The Commission continues to review Liberty’s rate request and will issue a formal order regarding the final rates at a later date. Find the interim rates by clicking the Learn More button below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A rate request is a public regulatory review process in which a utility must demonstrate to its state public service commission why a proposed change in rates is needed. This independent public process helps ensure transparency and fair rates based on the costs to serve customers.

  • Liberty is required to provide every customer in our service area with safe and reliable electricity at rates approved by the public service commission of each state. In exchange, the utility is allowed the opportunity (not a guarantee) to earn a fair return for investors. Even though our regulators will ultimately determine any changes to customer rates, we pledge to do our part to keep rates as reasonable as possible.

  • First, Liberty must demonstrate to state utility regulators why a rate change is needed. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) and other interested stakeholders review our filings and vet the company's request. The OCC then thoroughly reviews our request and holds public hearings to allow customers to comment. The entire process generally takes approximately eight months.

  • Liberty offers programs to encourage energy efficiency and assist our limited-income customers. Liberty also provides flexible payment options to customers who may be experiencing financial hardship. During the pandemic, this included moratoriums on service disconnections, expanded payment programs, and connecting customers to additional community and government resources to assist them.

    Financial Help

    • Liberty offers flexible payment options, including a Payment Arrangement program for residential and business customers to allow for additional time to spread out past due balances and make payments more manageable. Customers can learn more about our assistance options below. Liberty also has a list of various agencies that may be able to provide financial assistance for some portion of your bill. These are available and can be referred to customers by our Customer Care Representatives by dialing 1-800-206-2300 (Electric & Water) 1-800-424-0427 (Gas).

    Financial Help

    • Liberty offers several assistance programs that you may qualify for depending on your income and account standing. Call 1-800-206-2300 (Electric & Water) 1-800-424-0427 (Gas) to speak to a Customer Care Representative for payment assistance options best fit for you.

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Key Customer Investments Included in the Rate Request


Investments in Reliability and Grid Resiliency

We’re safeguarding our infrastructure and strengthening our system to ensure the delivery of critical, reliable energy to our customers. From April 2019 through December 2021, we have invested over $215 million in our electric transmission system Company-wide and $10 million in our electric distribution system, specifically for the Oklahoma jurisdiction. In the same timeframe, we have also improved reliability by performing more than 75 work orders and replacing more than 220 aging and deteriorating poles for our Oklahoma electric customers. Additionally, we’re focused on reducing outages caused by wildlife, the second leading cause of outages, while protecting the birds and animals that interfere with our system by installing wildlife guards in heavy-populated wildlife areas.

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Visibly Improved Reliability

To measure service reliability, Liberty uses System Average Interruption Duration Index (‘SAIDI”) and System Average Interruption Frequency Index (“SAIFI”.) SAIDI measures the average time in minutes per year customers are without service. In 2016, the SAIDI indices for Oklahoma was recorded at 185.28. The value recorded for 2021 was 63.59, a reduction of roughly two-thirds.

SAIFI measures the average number of interruptions per year experienced on a per-customer basis. The recorded SAIFI value also declined dramatically, from 2.169 in 2016 to 0.0967 in 2021, a reduction of about 55%.

Improving the Customer Experience

We’ve installed advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), also known as smart meters, to offer customers energy-usage control. We’re adding modern and convenient platforms, enhanced by smart meter technology, to simplify and ease service and improve communication.   

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Transitioning to Clean, Renewable Energy

We’ve retired our Asbury coal-fired generation plant and expanded wind generation to provide long-term savings for customers while protecting the environment and our communities. This includes Liberty’s recently completed 600-megawatt wind energy project consisting of three wind farms: Neosho Ridge Wind in Southeast Kansas and North Fork Ridge and Kings Point in Southwest Missouri.

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Keeping Energy Affordable for Customers

We’re continuing to support our limited-income customers and have requested energy efficiency programs and services to help our customers learn about how energy efficiency can help customers better control their energy use.


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Oklahoma Electric Rate Update